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In 2014, Dad began making these small wooden "Clinging Crosses,"

designing them to fit comfortably in anyone's hand. It gave him much

pleasure to send these out from The Carpenter Shop into many states

across America. Because of his strong faith, he and Mom prayed that

those receiving a cross would be reminded of God's great love for

them and be encouraged and comforted in their life journey.


During Dad's battle with cancer (3.8.18 - 4.22.19), he enjoyed

continuing to hear the many stories from folks finding comfort and

renewed courage as they faced various trials. Holding the simple

cross in hand, many have been reminded of Jesus and His constant

love and presence in their lives to guide them through. Before Dad was unable to work in the shop, he taught me (Wendy) how to do the various processes of making the crosses for Mom to then hand engrave and give each the special finishing touches.

On Easter morning 2019, we had our last day with Dad. That beautiful morning he awakened excitedly sharing a dream where he witnessed thousands of people coming to Jesus. The joy of that dream remained with him throughout the day. Soon after sharing this wonderful dream, Dad began looking up the address and phone number of our TN Cedar source. I can still hear him saying, "You've got to order more cedar soon!"

Mom and I continue to make my Dad's "Clinging Crosses" in honor of his life and legacy. We pray that many more will receive comfort and encouragement as they hold his crosses and are reminded they are never alone.


3x4" in size and fit comfortably in your hand

$14 in the gift box shown or $12 without box

Discounted pricing available for orders 20+

Shipping added upon order confirmation

Card with poem, written by Dana, included

Front & Back wording options available (+$1/cross)

Custom wording available upon request (+$1/cross)

Contact us with additional questions

Place an order below


Thanks for joining with us and continuing to share the hope and love of Jesus by giving the gift of one of my Dad's "Clinging Crosses."

As he said numerous times in his 70 years,

"To God be the glory."

Wood Piles




5048 Roarks Cove Rd.

Decherd, TN 37324


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